Bishop James L. Dukes, III, the son of Roberta Patrica Pugh-Chavis and James Dukes,Jr. born with a mind to lead and serve God’s people. Destined to be the “Servant’s servant” because of all the training that was received during his life since early childhood. His training started at home being brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord by his mother and continued throughout school and church. I'm a native of Baltimore, Maryland.

James’s first experience with church started at First Charity Baptist under the leadership of the late Rev. Turner and then on to New Refuge Deliverance Church under the Pastorate of Bishop Naomi C. Durant. It was here that he began to exercise the gifts that were planted in him by God. Serving his Pastor and being the church help was like second nature to him. Although James was happy in what he was doing, there came a time when God began to deal with him and caused him to seek after more of God. It was at this time he was led to join St. Paul Apostolic Church under the late Pastor Winnie Gilliam and the Lord overshadowed him and filled him with the Holy Ghost. He continued to be a servant’s servant to his Pastor, growing in leaps and bounds that would eventually lead him to acknowledge and accept the ministry call on his life and preach his first message entitled “Lord help me to kill myself.”

It was with the blessing and sanctioning of his Pastor that he would leave James A. Morton & Sons Funeral home after many years of service and start walking in his evangelistical calling that would lead him to Gethsemane Apostolic Church of God in Detroit, Michigan where the late Suffragan Bishop Joseph A. Morris Sr. was the Pastor. His style remained true to form, serving his Pastor with dedication and commitment unlike any other. It was hard for James not to take on the characteristics and traits of his Pastor because of the numerous hours spent in his presence. The relationship easily went from Pastor/Servant to Father/Son. James is very grateful for all the wisdom and golden nuggets that were passed from one generation to the next. It was also in Detroit that he met and married Simone Renae Crockett. They share two beautiful children, Shantese and Ryan and two grandchildren, Destiny and Joshua. He is affectionately known to them as “G-Da”.

As time went by, it was hard not to recognize the Pastoral mantle that rested on his life. So, James decided to follow the steps that were ordered for him from above and founded the Rehoboth Apostolic Church of Deliverance, which was later renamed to, Rehoboth Covenant Ministries, Inc. In May 2008, with the leading of GOD, the name of the ministry was changed to Refreshing Word Ministry, Inc. In early part of 2002, he became one of the establishing members of the Prayer Tabernacle Covenant Ministries Fellowship under the leadership of Her Grace, The Most Honorable, Bishop Joan B. Sanders, to serve as the Executive Assistant and Vice Presiding Prelate. In July of 2003 Pastor Dukes was designated to the office of the Bishop to serve as the Midwest Regional Bishop of PTCM. On November 13, 2004 he was consecrated to the office of Bishop under the tutledg of Bishop Carl H. Montgomery, II & Bishop Joan B. Sanders. Bishop Dukes operates under a heavy prophetic & deliverance anointing.

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